Online Training: Getting Started

When you receive your confirmation email from the Red Cross, follow these instructions to get started with online training:


Before You Click: Remember that you will need to record the method you used to sign up. If you use a different method later, it will create a second profile that won’t have your certifications/history. We recommend using your email address and a password, and not your social accounts (for simplicity).



Click the Link: It will say “Please click here to create a new My Red Cross account to access your course information and online course component”


Get Logged In: 

  • Click on “Sign Up Now”
  • Enter your email, choose a password, confirm your password
  • Click on “Create”


Complete Your Profile: 

  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click “Update”
  • Once you have completed your profile, go to My Profile (upper right of page)


Accessing Your Course:

  • After you’ve clicked “My Profile” - click on “My Online Courses”
  • Click “Activate” (blue button beside the course listing)
  • Click the green “Yes” button to confirm
  • Click the green “Enter Course” button
  • You should now arrive at the beginning of your course. 
  • Follow the prompts from here to complete your training.



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