Update: January 19, 2021


As of midnight January 19th, 2021 Life Start Training will be closing during the Red phase of the recovery plan. We are offering blended and virtual programs during this time. If you have booked a class with us, you will be receiving an email shortly with directions on how to reschedule your class.

Update: June 19, 2020


We are so proud to announce that Life Start’s very own Virtual Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C Program has been officially approved for launch. This means that our newly-developed program is 100% compliant with WorkSafe NB Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. This is huge!  We could not have come this far without our participants, supporters and raving fans. We want to thank all of you for your continued support of locally-owned businesses (woot-woot!).

And don’t worry, we continue to keep safety top of mind as always. This still means maintaining smaller class sizes, thorough sanitization between each class and social distancing of 6 feet at all times. To learn more about our new virtual options and to book, read the descriptions below then visit our course calendar (Hint: Look for the 2 orange-labelled courses).


  • Our new Virtual Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C can be 50% completed online through video-based learning, followed by a 7-hour in-class skills assessment. Once the skills assessment has been completed – a three-year certification is emailed and you are done!
  • Our new Virtual Annual Skills Refresher is also now, you guessed it, virtual. Yes, 100% onlinePlease note that we will not be offering in-class annual skills refresher at this time. 


Virtual Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C Description

Life Start has been approved by WorkSafe NB to offer Virtual Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C. This virtual program is 50% online, finished off with a 7-hour in-class Skills Assessment (once online components are complete). The program is video-based with an optional text format.

  1. Once you’ve registered, paid and completed your virtual training modules, you’ll choose from several dates and times and register for a “Virtual Skills Assessment Class” using our course calendar.
  2. Within your chosen class, you will choose “Purchase Order” for payment and input “Virtual Training” (Remember, you’ve already paid for this!).
  3. You then arrive at the Life Start Training head office for your skills assessment at your chosen time. Once your skills assessment is complete, you’re given a (WorkSafe NB approved) three-year Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C certificate.


If you have any questions about this program, please email us at before booking. To book the Virtual Workplace Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C, visit our course booking page.


Virtual Annual Skills Refresher Program

Life Start has been granted official approval to offer the Annual Skills Refresher 100% virtuallyPLEASE NOTE: This certificate is ONLY for people who currently hold a two-day Workplace Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C certification. It DOES NOT replace or renew the two-day Workplace Standard First Aid Program. If you have any questions about the certificate you need please email us at BEFORE you book online.

  1. Once you’ve registered and paid, an email is sent inviting you to join the virtual training platform.
  2. The training videos are all self-paced. You can log in whenever and wherever is convenient for you and your life.
  3. Once you’ve completed all the required sections, you are automatically sent a certificate that is valid for one year.

To book the Virtual Annual Skills Refresher, visit our course booking page.


Copy of Previous COVID-19 Updates…

May 20, 2020. We’re thankfully now able to open our doors for in-person training, but things around here will look and work differently for the foreseeable future. We can now host a limited number of in-person classes (with a limited number of participants). For this reason, we strongly recommend that if you require Workplace Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C, please take advantage of our ADAPTED COVID-19 PROGRAM, which allows us to free up our limited seating for those who may be unable to complete the online training. For those that do join us in the classroom, please know that we have implemented strict protocols in order to protect our participants during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes temperature and symptom checks, social distancing, frequent hand-washing and sanitizing of equipment, along with other precautions. We cannot admit anyone showing symptoms and we are also spacing out our classes to allow for several days in between to allow for thorough disinfection. Please work with us as we navigate the next few months. 

May 1, 2020: In accordance with New Brunswick’s continuing restrictions and State of Emergency guidelines, we are still unable to hold in-person training sessions. Until the COVID-19 recovery plan reaches its Yellow Phase, please refer to our online class options for information on your First Aid Certifications.

March 19, 2020: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Red Cross has closed their facilities to the public until further notice, and the Government of New Brunswick has declared an Official State of Emergency. In accordance with this, we will cease in-class operations effective immediately. We do have some good news to share. Although our passion lies in hands-on and interactive teaching, given these are unprecedented times, the Canadian Red Cross is offering a unique option to ensure that you can benefit from First Aid & CPR certification from the comfort and safety of your homes. That means we’re hands-off, for now.